Leather and other materials

Do you have any accessories, clothes or shoes made of these materials? Here you find an exclusive department of cleaning, dyeing and restoring leather, suede and fur.

The professionals who are responsible for these materials are trained for this and are able to take care of clothes, shoes, boots, sandals, bags, briefcases, wallets and furniture made of leather, suede and fur.

It is important to know that all the clothes that arrive in this department are analyzed and destined to the proper cleaning process. In the act of delivery we also guide the correct way of conservation. In other words, we guarantee the safety of your clothes from beginning to end!

For our clients, this service brings:
+ Practicality
+ Safety

Some brands we work with

• Gucci

• Prada

• Chanel

• Louis Vuitton

• Versace

• Armani

• Hermes

• Christian Dior

• Christian Louboutin

• Fendi

• Stella McCartney

• Jimmy Choo

• Salvatore Ferragamo

• Lanvin

• Coach

• Bo.Bô

• Le Lis Blanc

• Cris Barros

• Daslu