A different and sustainable way to take care of your clothes


The traditional process is one that uses washers and dryers. Our difference lies in the care, equipment and products we use. Care: we analyze every detail of your garment to know the best type of wash. Equipment: we have the most modern technology and special washing procedures. Products: always concerned about sustainability, our products are all biodegradable.

Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning process consists in the use of chemicals (in our case, we use biodegradable ones), which clean clothes without the use of water. For some fabric types, the use of water causes shrinkage or even fading of the garment. To find out if your clothes should be dry-cleaned, contact our experts.

Executive Packages

Do you work in social attire every day? We can help you! The washing process of the executive plans is different. In the case of clothes such as shirts, the starching service makes the clothes impeccable.

Dresses, party clothes and delicate items

First of all, we analyze the garment as a whole: if there are glue to be removed, if there are fabrics that the color bleeds, the level of delicacy of the garment, among other points that require a high degree of knowledge and experience.

What do we wash?

• Clothing in general

• Leather, silk, satin and velvet with specific products

• Party clothes

• Baby clothes (special process)

• Wedding dress

• Rugs

• Curtains

Other services:

• Cleaning of leather, suede and fur

• Sneakers washing

• Dyeing

• Ironing service

• Customizable packages for companies in the neighborhood