About Us

Taking care of your clothes in a way you have never seen. This is our mission

It's been more than 30 years helping to make your life much more practical.

Is a laundry just a place to wash clothes? No! For us, every garment that comes in here represents that you trusted, believed and bet on us. Therefore, for more than 30 years, we have developed a special process in the washing of each item and in the treatment with each client. Perhaps this is the reason for three active decades.

Moreover, our experience and knowledge have made us innovate and stay ahead. Not only by the cutting-edge machinery that allows a special washing of the clothes, but in the care and affection that each member of Gaivota has in the day-to-day of our work.

Over the course of three decades, we have changed a lot. But we can say that we understood that it only makes sense for us to exist if we do things differently. So we're not just a simple laundry. We are a new kind of laundry.

For us, the pants you wear, the day-to-day shirt and the black tube dress that never comes out of the closet have much value and expression. So for years, we have followed a philosophy: every garment is special, every client is unique! And so we continue trying to make a difference in service, care, use of biodegradable products, and equipment.

Our processes are carried out with the awareness of having the least possible environmental impact, consequently, they are translated in clothes washed and delivered as if they were new. If you use to go to Itaim Bibi area, in São Paulo, you probably have seen our custom bikes out there (yes, we love bikes because they help build a more sustainable world and do not interfere in traffic). But if you have never heard of us, that’s ok! There is always a first time =)